Arthrogen B.V., a subsidiary of MeiraGTx B.V., is an Amsterdam based biopharmaceutical company developing local gene therapy for different indications, using viral mediated gene transfer. Arthrogen specializes in the development of viral gene therapy vectors, in particular adeno-associated virus (AAV-) based therapeutics. 

Gene therapy could allow life transforming single treatments of chronic diseases with a good safety profile. All over the world gene therapies are tested in clinical trials getting ready to be new promising alternatives for patients.

The Arthrogen therapeutic vectors are derived from natural occurring adeno-associated viruses (AAV) that are not pathogenic in humans. The recombinant viruses are engineered to express therapeutic proteins or to express genes that can knock-down proteins that are involved in the pathogenesis of rheumatic diseases.

Arthrogen’s aim is to develop gene therapies to deliver new alternatives to patients while decreasing healthcare costs. The company is based on the premises of the AMC/University of Amsterdam in Amsterdam and has strong ties with both the academic field and the industry.

Arthrogen is now part of MeiraGTx

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