At the AMC premises you may find the Arthrogen labs and offices as well as the shared facilities Arthrogen is using at the AMC. Thanks to a good relationship with AMC and the distinguished AMC staff, Arthrogen is able to leverage on her expertise and experience.

The Arthrogen team of 15 is often expanded with industry experts. The Arthrogen quarters are set up to facilitate the right balance of quality in processes and creativity in development with a clear focus on developing new alternatives for patients.

The Arthrogen labs are fully equipped and allow a fast and in-house development of vector improvements, product production and validation experiments.

The own Arthrogen Quality Assurance staff allows the Company to monitor both the in-house and outsourced developments and to assure the high Arthrogen quality standards are met. Arthrogen was given a formal EU manufacturing license by the Dutch Ministry of Healthcare.

Arthrogen is now part of MeiraGTx

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